As the Internet begins to present more and more opportunities for the everyday person to shop and buy goods and services at below average prices, it is clear that how we pay for items will become a major issue. Naturally the use of credit cards offers the easiest options however, for people without credit cards Paypal and eGold work exceptionally well. This website introduces you to all forms of payments and if you do not have a Paypal or eGold account then please use the links provided on this website to get one. there is no charge. At the same time for people without a credit card we offer a variety of international credit cards from various countries for your consideration.


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Deposit to our Bank Account

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Direct Bank Deposits can be made to: Banco De Oro, Paseo de Roxas Branch account: Service on Sight Research & Consultancy Inc Savings Acct. # : 001708011315 Please complete the information form below from your receipt of payment

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